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  • What gives a potential tenant an edge

    There are a few things that a potential tenant can provide to a landlord to give them a greater advantage when trying to lease a home: • A good credit score: Landlords generally want to see that a tenant has a good credit score, as......

  • Looking into Homeownership?

    As a real estate agent, I am often asked about the benefits of owning versus renting a home. While both options have their pros and cons, owning a home generally offers more financial and personal benefits in the long term. One of the main benefits......

  • Have you Heard of the 5Ws of Real Estate

    WHY, Are you looking to Move WHAT, Are you looking to Purchase WHO, Is involved in the purchase of your Home WHERE, Are you looking to move to. WHEN, Are you looking to Move AND of course there is always the HOW will you accomplish......