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  • Have you Heard of the 5Ws of Real Estate

    WHY, Are you looking to Move WHAT, Are you looking to Purchase WHO, Is involved in the purchase of your Home WHERE, Are you looking to move to. WHEN, Are you looking to Move AND of course there is always the HOW will you accomplish......

  • What being SRES Certified means for you.

    Downsizing from your family home also means finding the right home and area to move to. For many they prefer to have a phased in retirement and require living in an urban area with a small dwelling. On the other hand, many other homeowners prefer......

  • Let’s Always be Courteous

    Selling a home is never an easy undertaking. Listing agents and their sellers work diligently to get their property ready to show. I’m sure we have all been a seller once, having to keep our house spotless, well decorated, and rushing our kids, pets and......