Buyers Agents have a Purpose!

As a realtor I meet many people from all different walks of life. Many times, in my business I have witnessed buyers throw caution to the wind and not have proper representation. It amazes me as buying a house is the average Canadian’s most expensive purchase, while the second biggest expense is the home’s maintenance. The latter is a hidden cost that can exhaust a homeowner’s finances and leave a new homeowner in a state of exhaustion. For a trained professional realtor, it is their duty to represent buyers and highlight the positives and potential pitfalls of any home purchase. Their duty is tied and fully detailed in their contract between the realtor and the buyer. As a buyer you need to elicit the best from your realtor. Representing people is what a buyer agent does. A buyer contract is what clarifies those duties and shows the commitment between the realtor and the buyer. Deeds speak in the contract and the spirit of the words speak to the level of integrity and professionalism the realtor and buyer have towards each other. So, the next time Mr./Mrs. Buyer you say to a seller agent just type up a few forms and throw my number out there to the seller, ask yourself “Do I really want to throw away $1million at some stranger, or do I want to elicit the best possible advice and representation from my realtor and make a fully informed purchase. Should I not have my own realtor to protect my best interest? ” It may not be your first rodeo, granted, but Rodeos are for Cowboys and this isn’t the Wild West.


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