Let’s Always be Courteous

Selling a home is never an easy undertaking. Listing agents and their sellers work diligently to get their property ready to show. I’m sure we have all been a seller once, having to keep our house spotless, well decorated, and rushing our kids, pets and partners to get into the car and go to the local Tim Horton or McDonalds, before a buyer and buyer agent show up. It’s a stressful process until its sold, so common courtesy from buyer agents is the key! When booking a showing, it’s important to ensure that realtors are on time, bring ID, leave a business card, wear a mask and hand sanitize or wear gloves. Some sellers even request that their listing agent be present for showings to ensure that these basic steps are followed. So, when a buyer agent does not show up or even call to cancel, imagine how frustrated that seller feels. Next time make that call. Afterall, when did common courtesy become uncommon?

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