What gives a potential tenant an edge

There are a few things that a potential tenant can provide to a landlord to give them a greater advantage when trying to lease a home:

• A good credit score: Landlords generally want to see that a tenant has a good credit score, as this can indicate their financial stability and reliability in paying rent on time.
• Proof of income: Landlords will want to see proof of income, such as pay stubs or a letter from an employer, to ensure that the tenant will be able to afford the rent.
• A rental history: If the potential tenant has a good rental history, with no evictions or late rent payments, this can give them a competitive advantage.
• A well-written cover letter: A cover letter that highlights the tenant’s strengths and explains why they would be a good fit for the property can help to differentiate them from other applicants.
• A positive reference from a previous landlord: A reference from a previous landlord can provide valuable insight into the tenant’s rental history and can help to build trust with the new landlord.
• A willingness to sign a longer lease: Landlords often prefer tenants who are willing to sign a longer lease, as this can provide more stability and security for the property.

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